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7. The one about bed and death bed
This is one of the simplest yet most effective post in the history of Destiny Church Manila’s Facebook timeline. Who cannot relate to the difficulty of just getting out of bed in the morning? It is the combination of simplicity, relatability, humor, and insight that made this post hit close to a thousand likes on Facebook. LOOK: Kama at kamatayan

POST - Kama at kamatayan

6. The preaching excerpt you will watch over and over again
Once in a while, we wonder if we’ll ever make a difference in this world. Then we come across messages like this, and we begin to dream again and fight for our destiny. “There is a piece, a destiny, that has been kept for you. You have a reserved place in this world. No one else, not even the greatest of minds, can fulfill your role. That role is kept for you.” This video snippet is worth watching and sharing, again and again. This excerpt is taken from one Pastor Carlo’s messages in the series of Birthing Destiny. Listen now! WATCH: A destiny kept for you

POST - A destiny kept for you

5. The popoy-basha meme
If possible, we’ll do anything to get our message across. That’s why, for the first time, we did a meme to support a preaching. In celebration of Philippine Independence Day, Pastor Carlo preached about living a free life and leaving the past behind for good. Most people have been brokenhearted by the “Ako na lang ulit” scene from the classic movie “One More Chance”. But in Destiny, we believe that not everything deserves one more chance. Especially if it’s your past. Live free! This meme reached around 30,000 people without ads. LOOK: Popoy Basha Never Again Meme

POST - Popoy Basha meme

4. The #hugot checklist
Most of us have definitely been able to relate to at least one of “The Regrets”. Seeing this #hugot post online, Pastor Carlo decided to use it for his preaching on “Birthing Destiny”, specifically on letting go of past regrets. We told you, we’ll do anything to get our message across.  ☺ LOOK: The Regrets

POST - The regrets

3. The one about failures
Why is it that the video snippet of Pastor Carlo’s preaching about failure is one of the most liked and shared on Facebook? Precisely because every one of us has experienced failure. In this video, Pastor Carlo says, “There’s nothing wrong with failure; everyone fails! What’s wrong is when you allow that failure to hold you down.” This is part of the series “Defying Gravity” — defying the things that hold us back from fulfilling the destiny God has planned for us.
This was also the preaching where two of our worship singers, Julia and Jean, presented an awesome song number “Defying Gravity” from the musical “Wicked”. WATCH: Those that hold you down

POST - Those that hold you down

2. The one with the catchy title about love
The Destiny video clip which earned the most number of shares, likes, and comments on Facebook is about everyone’s favorite topic: love. Its mere title lends itself to be watched, because the truth is, we don’t just want to fall in love. We want to be ready for love. To answer the question this video asks, you have to listen to the whole message by Pastor Carlo on being ‘equipped to love‘. Be blessed and be equipped for what God has in store for your lovelife this 2016. ☺ WATCH: Paano ba paghandaan ang pag-ibig?

POST - Paano ba paghandaan ang pag-ibig

And finally, in our #1 spot…

1. The one about purity
With over 50,000 reach, this witty line from ACC’s youth pastor, Ysah Viray, is hailed the top Destiny facebook post for 2015. Pastor Ysah changed the title of John Mayer’s famous song “Your Body is a Wonderland” to express an essential truth to the youth during the G12 Destiny Network Conference: “Your body is NOT a wonderland. You are God’s temple.” In the world of social media dominated by messages of doing “whatever you want”, this statement stood out and served as a reminder that our lives are God’s. We have been bought at a price: Jesus’ life. Therefore, we should be living a life of purity and consecration. LOOK: Your body is not a wonderland

POST - Your Body is not a wonderland

There you have it, the 15 most viral Facebook posts of Destiny Manila this 2015! Keep posted as we continue to bring you updates and messages that will inspire, bless, encourage, and make you feel at home, wherever you are. ☺
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Have a blessed 2016, everyone!


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