Sunday Services

What could be hindering us from expanding in every area of our lives? Join us as we stream a replay if our onsite services and learn about the things that could be stopping us from moving forward with our expansion.

Invite your friends and family and together, let us praise and worship God and learn more about His Word. We are streaming both on Facebook and Youtube!

Dawn Prayer Meeting

Good morning, Destiny! If you are or you know someone who is sick, we encourage you to tune in and invite those whom you know so that we can pray for them.

We believe that God’s healing mercies can cross even the digital borders. We have leaders who can pray for you one-on-one through Messenger or mobile calls.

If you want to be prayed for, please add Destiny Prayers, send a message with your prayer request, and wait for one of our leaders to contact you.

Night of Fire

“Get ready; be prepared! Keep all the armies around you mobilized, and take command of them.” – Ezekiel 38:7

As we prepare ourselves to expand God’s Kingdom, let us prepare our mind, heart, and skills by fanning into flame our passion for God that our salvation had brought into our lives. Join us in our Night of Fire and together, let us make ourselves ready for the expansion that God had set before us.

SOD Bible Study

“Who are we, and what do we stand for?”

In our journey as young students, we are bombarded with daily challenges from our school, family, society, politics, and even personal matters.

Trials and deceptions may come, but understanding the foundation of our identity will help us stand stronger!

Don’t forget to invite, tag, mention your friends and family as we start this new series!

SOD Youth Connect

IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING! Onsite #YouthConnect is back to giving students and young people a space to create meaningful connections and cultivate their relationship with the Lord!

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Acoustic Night Life

With a week like yours, you need a Friday like this.

The Acoustic Night LIFE is the yuppies’ weekend chill out place to enjoy great music, inspiring talk & hang with authentic people. Join us every 2nd Friday of the Month, 7 PM onwards, as we tackle some of the challenges the working class face over a cup of cold drinks and some sweet soulful music.